Hva kan dere tjene på å bruke en GMA-test for rekruttering?

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Master™ Recruitment Decision Tool

Developed by Laurits Skovlund Kilpinen Psychometrician at Master International

What is it?

The Recruitment Decision Tool helps you estimate the expected financial and organizational gains from switching from various recruitment methods to General Mental Ability (GMA) recruiting. It allows you to compare and analyze the benefits of using GMA-test in a recruitment scenario of your choice.

Schmidt, Oh, and Shaffer (2016) concluded, based on 100 years of research, that a GMA-test is the single best predictor of job performance. This fact is well-known in the HR-profession. The practical implications, however, can be difficult to interpret and difficult to communicate to decision makers. Because of this, we have developed the Recruitment Decision Tool.

The tool compares GMA-recruiting to one of 19 possible recruitment methods in a chosen recruitment scenario. The tool then presents the result of the comparison-analysis in the form of three practical and easily understood outputs.

The tool also has more advanced outputs targeting HR-professionals who want to go a step further in their analysis. For instance an applicant analysis showing the effect of adding more applicants – a knowledge that is important when planning a recruitment strategy. It also has a simulation analysis showing you simulations of the financial benefit which enables you to understand and explain the uncertainty in recruitment.

The tool can be used to aid decision-making, the understanding of recruitment methods, and the dynamics of different recruitment scenarios. The math and theory behind the model are explained in detail at the bottom of the page.

How to use it?

Fill in information about the recruitment scenario you want to use for the analysis. You have full control over the recruitment scenario. If you are a recruiter you can choose the recruiting your company did last year, the last five years, or it can be a purely hypothetical scenario. It is possible to combine different job positions, as long as they have a similar job complexity level. E.g., positions in marketing and positions in communication can be combined but not trainees and managers.

You can decide to include a structured interview alongside the GMA-test a strategy deemed optimal by Schmidt, Oh, and Shaffer (2016). At last you choose which recruitment method you want to use as a baseline for comparison. Click the (?) if you need additional information at any given step.

NB. If you have problems with the visualizations refresh the page. The application might be a bit slow on some computers if the number of applicants and number hired is high.

1. Recruitment scenario

New hires


Annual salary


Suitable applicants per hire


Expected tenure

2 yrs

Job complexity level

Include a structured interview
alongside the GMA-test

2. Comparing recruitment method

Recruitment scenario summary:

xx positions filled
xx applicants per position on average
xx job level

xx tenure on average

xx in average salary

The expected benefits from using GMA for recruiting instead of xx recruiting, in the recruitment scenario stated above:

The expected total financial benefit
- due to the higher job performance by those hired in their duration at the organization:

The financial benefit can be explained by the expected
xx higher job performance by the average person hired by GMA-recruiting.




You have to hire xx with xx to get the same amount of job performance as the xx hired with GMA-recruiting.

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